Optimized embryo transfer with EmbryoGlue®

Optimized embryo transfer with EmbryoGlue®

Prague Fertility Centre offers their patients modern methods to increase the chance of pregnancy. Recently, the clinic introduced EmbryoGlue® transfer medium for optimizing transfer procedure.

Embryo transfer is one of the most sensitive and critical procedures in IVF treatment. Implantation of embryos still presents a challenge to the clinicians since it is a multistage process which includes zona hatching, apposition and adhesion of blastocyst followed by an invasion of trophoblast into the uterine endometrium. There are several reasons why embryos fail to implant despite a favorable transfer. One of the reasons for unsuccessful implantation may be a failure to develop a sticky matrix between blastocyst and endometrium. Therefore EmbryoGlue® medium was developed exclusively for embryo transfer, helping embryos to stick to the endometrium.

EmbryoGlue® contains high concentration of hyaluronan (0.5 mg/mL) and low concentration of recombinant human albumin. It is uniquely developed to mimic the conditions in the female uterus in order to help embryos implant after transfer.

Prague Fertility Centre recommends to use EmbryoGlue® medium mainly in patients of advanced reproductive age and repeated implantation failure.

More information regarding EmbryoGlue® medium can be found in the section Our services.

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