Prague Fertility Centre has unique approach that individualy helps each couple

To provide comprehensive, innovative, evidence-based fertility and gynaecology treatment focused on individual problems and needs.

We will do our best to support you and make you feel relaxed in our new premises.

We use the latest ART treatments including:

1. Selection of viable spermatozoa by Laser-Assisted Immotile Sperm Selection (LAISS) recommended in MESA/TESE IVF cycles and any other cases of immotile spermatozoa.

2. Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting (MACS) system – an efficient method to select functional sperm and improve pregnancy rates.

3. PICSI for the best spermatozoa selection

4. Time-lapse imaging: monitoring of embryo development:
a/ to select the best embryo and to avoid early miscarriages
b/ to make infertility treatment absolutely transparent (following the progress of embryo development on-line and exact analysis of developmental processes)

5. ASET Asynchronized Embryo Transfer, transfer of different age embryos to cover wider implantation window

6. LAZT Laser assisted zona thinning, Thinning a portion of the outer embryo shell by a laser for facilitating embryo’s hatching process

7. EmbryoGlue® medium, developed exclusively for embryo transfer, helping embryos to stick to the endometrium.

8. EmbryoGen® a new advanced embryo culture medium which includes a natural communication substance used by the mother during pregnancy

9. Egg donation without waiting time and unique guarantee system – If pregnancy does not occure within two consecutive complete egg donation cycles with double guarantee system a third complete cycle will be free.View more about our donation guarantee system

To start your treatment or ask any questions, please contact:

Mirna Turcinovic
Program coordinator

Tel: +420 725 122 077

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