Prague Fertility Centre OFFERS A UNIQUE EGG DONATION program

Due to biological variability of the donors and their reaction to hormonal stimulation there are several possibilities how this guarantee program while using donated oocytes/embryos can go.

Note: Fetal heart beat (FHB) detection is considered as a successful pregnancy in our guaranty system. Why FHB? The pregnancy itself is influenced by so many factors (from the life style up to the possible accidents) that we want to be responsible just for the period which can be influenced by embryo quality.

In our quaranty system we would like to minimize the biologicaly based variations in the process of donor stimulations. Accordingly, there are several situations which are calculated and solved as follows:

  • If the donor will not respond to the stimulation at all or during the collection of oocytes (eggs) won´t be obtained any mature oocyte, then the recipient in a given cycle is canceled and rescheduled for a new cycle. The new cycle will be in synchronization with the new donor without additional cost to the recipient.
  • If the recipient can not undergo transfer with fresh embryos due to medical or non-medical reasons, we will create and afterwards freeze the embryos. These frozen embryos will be used for consecutive frozen embryo transfer.
  • If after one egg collection we only get 1–2 good quality embryos, this embryo /these embryos will be used for embryo transfer. If pregnancy does not occur, or if a pregnancy occurs and child is born and couple wants another child, then we prepare new embryos in advance, created with used of donated oocytes from a different donor for the kryoembryotransfer as a part of a guarantee system (the cost of kryoembryotransfer is according to price list)
  • If after one egg collection we get more good quality embryos 1–2 embryos

are transferred into the uterus (depending on age and medical history of each woman), and remaining embryos will be frozen(vitrified) for possible future use.

The guarantee system can only be offered if the quality of the sperm (concentration, motility and morphology – spermogram) can assure successful fertilization. The final decision if the guarantee system can be offered or not, will be made by the IVF laboratory in the Prague Fertility Centre.

If the outcome of retrieved oocytes in cycle with guarantee of KET won´t be sufficient, we commit to prepare new embryos using new donor who will be specifically selected based on somatotype, phenotype and blood group of recipient.


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