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Why should you choose Prague Fertility Centre?

The founders with many years of experience
  • Many years of experience in IVF field
  • Individual approach and high success rate
  • Specialization in treating women over 40
  • Guarantees and convenient packages
  • Asynchronous Embryo Transfer – ASET
  • Preventive program for fertility preservation

The founders with many years of experience

Sonja Lazarovska MD.

Sonja Lazarovska MD.

Gynecologist-obstetrician specialized in reproductive medicine

More than 20 years of practice in the field with specialization in gynecology and obstetrics

  • 13 years with the Institute for Obstetric and Pediatric Care – Prague, Podoli
  • Over 8 years with the Sanatorium Pronatal – Prague in the field of reproductive medicine

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Daniel Hlinka MVD., PhD.

Daniel Hlinka MVD., PhD.

ESHRE certified Senior clinical embryologist

  • He was the first to apply the ICSI method successfully in the Slovak Republic, resulting in the birth of the first such child in 1994.
  • He contributed substantialy to introduction of preimplantation genetic diagnosis/screening (PGD/PGS)in the clinical practice.

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He was the first to introduce continuing embryo monitoring and noninvasive prediction of chromosome abnormalities into the clinical practice
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The new LAISS method

The Prague Fertility Centre is the first in the Czech Republic to introduce the method of Laser-Assisted Immotile Sperm Selection (LAISS).

It is a method that uses a laser to identify viable immotile sperms for subsequent ICSI.

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New generation of best-quality sperm selection

Prague Fertility Centre introduce a new generation of Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting (MACS) system – an efficient method to select functional sperm and improve pregnancy rates. Genetic integrity of the spermatozoon is essential for normal embryo development.

Read more about MACS here:

Assisted hatching using noncontact laser – Prague Fertility Centre brings the first in Czech Republic.

Prague Fertility Centre is the first centre of assisted reproduction in Czech Republic (and one of a few in Europe) that introduced the most advanced noncontact laser technology to clinical use. More: Laser assisted zona thinning (LAZT)

For more information please use our contact form below.

Prague Fertility Centre offers for the first time Asynchronous Embryo Transfer (ASET)- personalised embryo transfer to cover displaced endometrium receptivity

It is true that the quality of embryos is the best predictor of success, but current research shows that uterine receptivity may also play a significant role in the success of a cycle. The endometrial receptivity is the status in which the endometrium is ready for embryo implantation to take place. For couples who do not conceive repeatedly even after good quality embryo transfer there could be endometrial factors involved. The ERA test (Endometrial Receptivity Array) examined at molecular level the endometrial receptivity and revealed that a non-receptive result could imply a displaced window of implantation.

As a solution Prague Fertility Centre offers for the first time a personalised embryo transfer in the cases of repeated implantation failures.

To cover even displaced (shifted) endometrium receptivity we can perform asynchronous embryo transfer (ASET).

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EmbryoGen® – a new contribution of Prague Fertility Centre in non-invasive prevention of pregnancy loss

Implantation failure?
Unexplained infertility?
Pregnancy loss?

The first IVF medium with GM-CSF growth factor that helps restore the communication between embryo and mother View more

Prague Fertility Centre is the first fertility center in Czech Republic (and amongst the very few in the world) that performs

TIME-LAPSE IMAGING: morphokinetics of embryo development, noninvasive method of viability and aneuploidy prediction

The developmental abilities of human embryos can be predicted by measurement of their cell cycles. Continuous non-invasive embryo monitoring allows an exact measurement of these phases of human embryo development.
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Moreover, objective and non-invasive imaging of embryo characteristics allows detection of abnormal cleavages leading to the occurence of chromosomal malsegregation which are a major cause of spontaneous miscarriage or birth defects

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Embryo aneuploidy prediction or
Abnormal embryo development
You can follow the progress of your embryos development on-line

Prague Fertility Centre also offers oocyte fertilization by …


The method is indicated for mature sperm selection prior ICSI. We consider PICSI method to be biologically more natural and effective form of fertilization in comparison to ICSI, because only those sperm are chosen for fertilization that are able to form a bond with the oocyte cumulus complex, i.e. only mature sperm are selected…

This method is suitable for everyone but we highly recommend it especially in the following cases:

  1. – previous total failure or low fertilization even after ICSI
  2. – low embryo quality or their failure to develop
  3. – repeated abortions

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